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  • Fangpusun-MPPT Control
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    Fangpusun-MPPT Control

     Installation Communication cable Connect the MPPT Control to the Fangpusun MPPT Charge Controller with a VE.Direct cable.Note that this cable is not included and needs to be purchased separately. Power cable with inline fuse Wiring the supplied power cable is only necessary...Read More
  • Data Logger
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    Data Logger

    Data logger The Fangpusun PA Tarcom data logger is connected to the RJ45 interface of the Fangpusun Tarom or Power Tarom charge controller, orvia the Fangpusun PA HS200. The data logger is available in several different version: as a simple RS232 interface to directly save...Read More
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    The Fangpusun MATE 2 is a complete system controller and display for both the Fangpusun FX2000 inverter/charger and MX60 MPPT PV charge controller. It provides a display of the operation as well as allows control and adjustment of the setpoints.The Fangpusun Mate also...Read More
  • Shunt
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    Shunt The Fangpusun PA HS200 is a highly intelligent current sensor with extremely low own consumption. The Fangpusun PA HS200 comes into play when (e.g.) an inverter is directly connected to the battery and the Fangpusun Tarcom or Power Tarcom charge controller cannot...Read More
  • Solarix PRS Solar Charge Controller
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    Solarix PRS Solar Charge Controller

    PRS 1010, PRS1515, PRS2020, PRS3030 The simplicity and high performance of the Fangpusun SOLARIX PRS solar charge controller make it particularly appealing. At the same time, it offers a modern design and a convenient display, all at an extremely attractive price. Several...Read More
  • PA RC100
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    PA RC100

    Remote control Fangpusun PA RC100 remote control allows to program Fangpusun solar charge controllers. The values can be adjusted with the help of switches. After a restart of the charge controller the new settings can be activated by pressing the program-button on the...Read More
  • PA15
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    Remote control The Fangpusun Tarom and Power Tarom charge controllers send out signals (125 kHS on 300 Baud) which are modulated on the DC cable and received by the Fangpusun PA 15 remote control. These signals contain information on the batteries’ state of charge SOC. The...Read More
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