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Uganda PVOC Testing

Wenzhou Xihe Electric Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 24, 2018

Our company provides POVC inspection services to Uganda and Kenya customers, thats issued by Intertek. As long as the customer has the demand, we will try our best to satisfy.

Generally, we export Power inverter and kinds of MPPT solar controller to Uganda market several years. This strict customer request OEM brand to produce blue MPPT solar charger controllers 100/30 (12V/24V 30A), after completion of the order, will have Intertek staff come to check before the shipment.


They will take photos from all angles of MPPT solar regulator MPPT100/30, including all the blue MPPT solar controllers face, boxes, cartons, and lable, marks. Then make a test report. To ensure that MPPT solar regulator meet the requirements of Uganda and Kenya Customs, then sticker Intertek lable, and send PVOC test report to me.


So we can see that our company have done very well in every detail. If there's anything that needs to be promoted, please contact us without shy.

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Address: NO.308 Latitude of 16 Road,Yueqing Economic Development zone, Zhejiang

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